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Length - 14

Color - Natural,

Curl-deep, ocean, water


How to activate the curls for Wet & Wavy hair

  • In order to achieve the best curl patterns, we highly recommend soaking the hair fully in lukewarm water to activate the curls.
  • After wetting the hair completely, squeeze out excess water.
  • Scrunch the hair upwards. This technique will help bring out the shape of curls.
  • Pat the hair with a towel. Do not rub the hair hard because rubbing may cause hair to frizz.
  • Let the hair air dry. Air drying the hair allows its natural texture and curls to blossom.



  •  Do not let curling or flattening iron temperature go beyond 400F.
  • Do not use any curling or straightening chemicals.
  • Do not apply oil sheen,hair glosser,mist,or any smimilar products. Many cause tangling.
  • At night, use satin covering to protect hair. 



    • 100% human hair, 100% Tangle free
    • Natural deep T parting lace space for styling naturally
    • Ear to ear handmade lace
    • Baby hair illusions& a realistic looking
    • Comes with a natural hairline
    • Pre-plucked from natural hair
    • Soft Swiss lace, perfect for any meltdown with any lace adhesive
    • Comfortable fit

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